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There is a 40-year-old sister bought buy lingerie wholesale a female vibrator. Her husband her to her three or four, on the brink of incapacity, three or four months to do once. She loves her husband, it needs to make a few and quickly climax, the way her husband always thought of life without problems. She said that the vibrator hidden in a secret place will never be the husband discovered. Why not say so and her husband?cheap lingerie wholesale She said that men are sensitive, afraid of hurting his self-esteem.
for themselves and their children have bought a vice president inflatable doll
A listed company vice president, bought more than 5,000 dollars to import an cheap wholesale lingerie inflatable doll. After the trial satisfied, I bought the same one. He took the initiative and I said their purpose: a personal use - wife in a foreign country, he did not love, do not want to go to Miss, inflatable doll is the way to solve their own desires; another son to still go to school with, kept by him He said: "I would encourage china wholesale lingerie him to study, I would regularly give him the desire to use inflatable doll to ease."

Hairong day (net) has been a model I want, but I want to celestial models. Before this name became a trademark of sexy lingerie, she has repeatedly flare Zhaxian on the network.

Now every day is a Hairong racy lingerie brand owners. However,lingerie wholesale china as the boss of the other man she had never thought of asking her to do sexy underwear model. September 7, she spent an afternoon in the office of the newspaper around sexy lingerie photo shoot, the photographer did not forget to ask how their performance:. "General model beat racy lingerie ads, not lingerie wholesale suppliers like me, vivid, input"
Born in western Hubei Hairong formerly Hairong day every day (note, Hairong is hyphenated), is a Tujia woman. Six years ago, a Beijing photographer suggested she photo shoot. "I did not think that what the vulgar body art, then they plus size wholesale lingerie gladly undress." After a few years, a series of Hairong body photo shoot some photos, some placed on the network, including and telecommunications networks (that affects the financial sector Web portal). The photos made her controversial: Some people think she lost the bottom line of shame, some say she was playing art and wholesale lingerie china pornography edge ball, but it was also for her support.

"I'm not a crazy passion underwear seekers contrary, I was contacted a downright nudists ...... and passion underwear out of a lot of frustration celestial expression." She said.

Last year, Hairong showcase performance art to wholesale lingerie distributors the public in a transparent room 798 in Beijing, wearing sexy underwear every day "appearance." This month, her "July 7" The company has just completed renovation, in her rippling rose pink "July 7" companies, dozens of photos showing her wearing sexy lingerie in a variety of roles and attitude - - from wholesale lingerie manufacturers modern to retro, from the "bunny" to red apron, indeed, even vain inch strand.

In the intimate relations between the sexes in, "a woman herself capacity" may extend from the coat to underwear, but Hairong wearing sexy lingerie online for display, have to face more pressure - for example, wholesale lingerie suppliers AV Actress wearing sexy underwear as " RPG "are common in the porn film, the perception of these images are different.

"Two years ago in wholesale sexy dresses Beijing, there was a male photographer said to me, like these (underwear or body) of men are predators, you will lead a bunch of pervert. But I say, not all men like sexual predators . "to explain their position Hairong said," But, you want to attract people interested in racy lingerie, can not cut from their very sexy lingeries desires. "