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Fun fun shop owner recommend
You recommend greater use of couples in a sexual relationship fun supplies it?
Absolutely necessary. It is the story of sex toys,cheap sexy lingerie creativity, dynamism. One of my dream is to one day become a commodity it. Such as sexy lingerie, each one is a story, bring a female self pleasure, self-satisfied, self-creation; and see your partner will get angry.
So give us some specific recommendations it, buy cheap lingerie such as standing at home?
First oil. If you're 20 years old, you may not need. But I think 30 years of age, you should be standing up at home. In other countries, the lubricant sales volume is very large. Second, vibrators, also belongs to the family essential. Third, buy cheap lingerie online there is a partner of a woman, must be prepared more than 10 sets of sexy lingerie, it gives women a sense of change and partners are staggering.
Each time with sex toys, will not become addicted ah?
Will addicted to divide people, some couples can not directly cheap and sexy lingerie reach orgasm through sex, it can be, so often used so that two people can simultaneously stimulate through Tiaodan orgasm, such behavior can not be considered addictive. However, if only in order to achieve orgasm every time cheap lingerie Tiaodan only, not men, but with N times a day, then we can say that this should be regarded as "goods addicted", although nothing to harm the body, but will reduce the sensitivity of the body, the future will require more cheap lingerie new zealand powerful stimulation.
After you try sex toys, it is difficult to do more "plain" love, right?
I personally feel that, no. After all, sex toys are swap, sex itself is not just to do, there cheap lingerie online is a greater role in mental and physical exchange, caressing each other, kissing, sweet, taste, pheromones, flirting, etc. These are sex toys can not be restricted achieved.
I know there are a couple of what sex toys are used to experience before,cheap lingerie sale after exploring to the extreme, suddenly a kind of sense of emptiness and boredom, this is the price you use sex toys?
In fact, the direct use of sex toys orgasm can be achieved only takes a few minutes, the process cheap lingerie sets directly stimulate physiological response is too simple to produce, so there is a sense of emptiness after the climax. After all, we have a lot of psychological demand is not met, ah, such as cheap lingerie store men want to prove themselves by sex brave, powerful, successful, etc., women want sex to prove by her husband on their attachment, love, need, spoiled, make her feel still attractive very beautiful and attractive, these, sex toys are cheap lingerie websites not fully met.
Safety, health, agreed. Achieve "security" is easy, is to look carefully instructions cheap lingerie wholesale before use; "health" of course talk about, must be cleaned before and after use, with the best medical alcohol spray. Finally, the "consensus" This cheap online lingerie is even more important - if both sides can accept "Bed third party" and willing to enjoy, of course, no problem, but if one party does not like or not, even if the lips do not say, my heart certainly not comfortable, the body will naturally excluded, which is why Tiaodan is good, not everyone is used, the reason everyone cheap online lingerie loves! (Source: "psychological issue", Lin Degang a "sticking point")
Mind Coffee views:
As an act of instinctive as the basis, the main need of psychological elements it contains not cheap sexy dresses only safe, and stimulating and change. Long-term single-sex behavior, long-term fixed a time for sex, sex position a long stick, so three factors make sexual lingerie for cheap life at a low level, the low level of direct impact on the life of two people's happiness heart . Once a day this fixed relationship cheap sexy lingeries model is broken, feelings will be changed dramatically, if the break outside of marriage, marital crisis and personal psychological crisis came. If the break in the marriage, marital happiness index will rise in a straight line, to reach a new historical level. Sex toys is to break this pattern of regular sexual relations with an cheap sexy lingeries ax in the marriage.

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2014 Shanghai Exhibition adult hot in sexy lingerie is the cheap womens lingerie annual highlight of the show, but also increase the feelings between husband and wife is a good thing, so the women's drawer must prepare a sexy lingerie, have fun woman more attractive.
Black perspective sexy lingerie straps, lingerie cheap bow vest style with a perspective on hot enough underwear, goggles with black lace, the couple come to a game of hide and seek and do not have fun.