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Swimwear wholesale new zealand

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Guangzhou has a private fund trader cheap wholesale swimwear since met online and Hairong, had ordered nearly 20 sets of disposable sexy lingerie, but I hope Hairong "personal delivery." Later, in a coffee shop in Tianhe District, the 30-year-old fund manager that had come to Hairong, hoping to buy them back to her underwear as a gift. This is regarded as china wholesale swimwear a dubious episode.

Hairong hired eight salesman, store or lingerie in Guangzhou, set up her lingerie shop counters, the official start of the boss. She took an underwear factory production to Foshan, in the forest of industry underwear plus size swimwear wholesale ads staging ground, "Victoria's Secret" such international lingerie brand names have long been "Made in China", like I-phone or Hello-Kitty toy that.

Seduction phase should last
Hairong first contact with sexy lingerie swimwear wholesale is at age 17, to Guangzhou in the first year. She scouring a beige underwear on the side of the stall. "Low back opening the chest by a few cloth belt with knot, untie chest will naturally open in the lower body crotch mouth, two interlocking buttons, a finger gently girl will uncover hidden secret. "For her, the opposite sex attractive sexy lingerie, but also swimwear wholesale new zealand a woman's pleasure.

In fact, every day Hairong sexy lingerie business on the Internet has been operating for more than two years. Whether with lace, carved, hollow, transparent, detailed composition of the grid, or a nurse, lady, policewoman, student, princess such swimwear wholesale china a role model, Hairong sexy underwear every day, a lot of the selling price is more than three digits. "I opened the shop two years, already has a bunch of fans," she told reporters, "I have been trying to put this business in the world outside of the network spread out."

In the clothing business in the wide world, the best wholesale brazilian bikini swimwear designers is the consumer. Mesh, lace, nursing uniforms or apron in the city's private space where different interpretation, and to tailor them more inspiration. Hairong said, many buyers or independent women are suggestions to her, encouraged her in lingerie this road keep walking.

Hairong admitted that she used to sell sexy lingerie, some are wholesale mens swimwear very flashy, with a strong temptation to mean the opposite sex; but she slowly discovered racy lingerie major customers - those who have the economic strength, higher education Chinese urban women, the demand for sexy lingerie is not limited to increased gender appeal, more complex or holy wholesale plus size swimwear maiden complex side.

Hairong unfinished business in a renovated office building. The pink space surrounded by gray tone of cement room seem maverick, as her sexy lingerie business has not been widely accepted in China. In the readme Hairong, she wholesale sexy swimwear worked as folk singer in a nightclub in the PLA Art Academy training at their own expense, she had been sexually assaulted unbearable experience.

Over the years, she had taken human photo into Beijing's famous performance wholesale swimwear art circles and gradually; today, she is a sexy lingerie brand efforts - even though it online still unknown, while still practice their "liberated three" claim .

In her company, a hanging next to them the place of the photo wholesale swimwear new zealand Stephen Bailey's masterpiece "bisexual life history." Hairong every day are trying to inject some sexy lingerie fashion and culture of color, such as focusing on the introduction of red apron series of racy lingerie. As always, she was advertising himself wholesale swimwear china as a model.

"I think, do not drill of sexy lingerie dead end. I'm not AV girl. Phase I of sexy lingerie, sexual temptation should be passed, and I want to show the virtuous and holy, a way of life transition such wholesale swimwear manufacturers as sexy lingerie."
Sexy underwear in the way the sexes
A domestic websites have described sexy underwear: "racy lingerie emphasis tricks, traced bold, tight, translucent material, lace trim, garter elastic band and other features can greatly facilitate inter-sex couples interested in wholesale swimwear suppliers a more harmonious relationship between husband and wife."

Foreign "Kinsey Report" that women provoke men to their imagination and even frenzy as a game, this is a psychology called "stimulus - response" experiment, and from this Experiment to get a sense of accomplishment. Women wholesale womens swimwear absolutely no desire to cure a man of this "disability", which they would rather sink men in order to be on the man's sexual manipulation. Let a man bowed under their skirts, is a unique way to get a sense of accomplishment woman. Thus, the choice of what to buy the woman what to wear underwear and underwear every day will be a fun.